Shirole demands meeting in PMC

Shirole demands meeting in PMC

Taking note of protests carried out by various citizen groups against cutting of fully grown indigenous trees on Rajbhavan Road, city MP Anil Shirole demanded a meeting of all stakeholders in this regard in PMC and demanded that till the final decision is taken, not a single tree should be cut by the PMC’s garden department. 

In order to carry out road widening and implement BRTS project on Rajbhavan road, the garden department of PMC cut several fully grown trees, crushing down stiff opposition from locals and Mohalla Committee people. The garden department also ignored the set rules in the concerned laws and carried out the tree cutting during night also, which angered citizens more, and for the past two days, they kept a vigilant watch near few trees to protect them.

On learning about this, Shirole wrote a letter to Municipal Commissioner Kunal Kumar in this regard and said that the PMC should not cut a single tree until a final decision in this regard is taken. 

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