Anil Gote again takes critcal view on Legislative Council

Anil Gote again takes critcal view on Legislative Council

Unfazed by Chief Minister's warning to refrain from making critical comments against the Legislative Council, BJP MLA Anil Gote today demanded a discussion on which of the two Houses of the Legislature was superior.

"There should be a discussion over as to which House is superior- Assembly or Council," Gote said in the Assembly.

"Former Congress legislator Keshavrao Dhondge had said that Legislative Assembly is superior, since it consists of members directly elected from the people," Gote said.

Most of the legislative Council members are elected by the MLAs, he added.

This is the third time that the legislator raised the issue on the floor of the lower house since the budget session of the state Legislature began earlier this month.

Gote had earlier demanded dissolution of the upper house saying it did not have the "constitutional rights."

The BJP and the government, however, had served show-cause notices to Gote for repeatedly making critical comments about the Legislative Council.

The government had also made it clear that it had no plan to scrap the Legislative Council.

In a statement in the Upper House last week, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said that Gote had been warned against making such "irresponsible" statements.

On the notices served on him by the party, Gote said he had responded to them.

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